How to Clean Stuffed Animals

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how to clean stuffed animals

How to Clean Stuffed Animals

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Your toddler brings his stuffed bear everywhere. As adorable as it looks in all of those pictures, carrying that bear around subjects it too millions of germs. When it’s time for Mr. Bear’s bath, make sure to take care, so you won’t damage him in the wash!

      • Use cold water: Cold water is much less likely to damage delicate fur. If the stuffed animal has delicate feathers or other features that might be damaged in the water, do not use this method.
      • Use delicate soap: Use detergents for delicate fabrics, or make your own detergent. You can also use a half of a cup of baking soda to clean your toys.
      • Wrap them up: Take a plain, white pillow case and dump all of your dolls inside. The spin cycle is particularly hard on their furry little bodies, so make sure they are in there securely!
      • Dry them carefully: Once the washer is done running, take each of the toys out of the pillow case. Wrap each toy in a towel and place in the dryer. The towel will save their little eyes from breaking against the inside of the dryer. Put the dryer on tumble dry. Check on your little critters every 15 minutes. If the dryer seems to be deforming them, just hand them up to dry.

If you child sleeps with their stuffed animals, you should wash Mr. Fluffy every two weeks along with their sheets. It will help to prevent bacteria and keep them clean, fresh, and happy!

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