Higgle: Awesome Gift Ideas at Great Prices (+ Exclusive Code!)

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Higgle Holiday Gift Guide!  Something for everyone on your list at great prices!

Ok, I KNOW you guys are going to love this!  Higgle.com is a fabulous new site I have just tried out (you can see what I bought below to use for two awesome gifts!)!  Not only will you find some of the greatest and most unique gift ideas (check out the gift guide here), but you name your own price so you’ll get awesome deals too!

Check out Higgle

How to Use Higgle

In a nutshell, here’s how Higgle works:

  • Head on over to Higgle and find an item you want
  • Make an offer of what you’d like to pay (this is called a “Higgle”) (or join someone else’s higgle!)
  • Based on the value of your offer, you’ll be told how many others need to join the higgle
  • If enough people join the higgle (agree to buy the item at that price) your offer will be accepted and you can grab your awesome deal!! (Shipping is FREE)
  • Use the exclusive code PENNIES to save an additional 10% at checkout

You can share your higgle with your own social networks and Higgle will also share your higgle with other shoppers on the site too so you can get your deal!

My Higgle

So I found this AMAZING looking Chocolate Banana Orange Jam I am dying to try out (and I thought it might make a nice gift with a loaf of banana bread!)…  the retail price is $33 for 2 jars but someone had a higgle on it for only $24 for 2 jars!  I decided to join in on this one with 20 hours left…  So I “joined” in on the Higgle hoping that my offer got accepted!

Higgle Butchers Bunches

I ended up winning this one which I am SUPER excited about!!  Once you win one, you don’t have to do anything further!  They just send you an email letting you know you’ve won and your item is sent!!  Easy huh?

I won a Higgle

If you don’t get enough people to join, no worries!  You will be sent an offer price for a price and you can choose to accept if you like the price!  I plan on using Higgle to purchase a few more gifts; they have a ton of great gift ideas on their Holiday Gift Guide.

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 View Gift Guide

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