How to make Map Envelopes! (Great summer learning activity!)

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How to make map envelopes (plus where to get tons of maps mailed to you for free) !  This is a great summer project for kids to teach them to read maps, legends and more!

 How to make Map Envelopes!  (Great summer learning activity!)

With GPS, iPhones and all the other gadgets, my maps have been sitting around forever!  This craft utilizes beautiful maps from an old driving atlas. If you don’t have any old maps on hand, check your second hand store, they often have neat old atlases and maps!

You can also find tons of FREE MAPS here which is great for teaching the kids about different states!

Get free maps


Not only are these very interesting to look at, they’re a great lesson for kids in the way of map legends and keys, roadways, topography, and geography!  Plus, it’s great to have them writing letters to grandparents, friends and far away aunties and uncles!

Handmade Map Envelopes

You’ll need:

  • A large map, at least 8′ X 10′
  • Scissors
  • Tape OR glue
  • Paper for address labels OR pre-made address labels
  • Stamps (optional, these also work great for in-home communications delivery! :))


For a letter-sized envelope:

Making Letter Sized Map Envelopes!  Great learning activity!


  1. Take your paper and place it in front of you with the long edge on the side and the shorter edge at the top and bottom.
  2. Fold each long side in about one inch, press to make a crease.
  3. Fold the bottom edge up about 2/3rds of the way to the top, to create the pocket of the envelope.
  4. Fold the top edge down over the folded-up bottom, pressing to make a crease.
  5. Unfold the whole thing.
  6. Along the long edges, you’ll see a series of 3 sections created by your creases. Carefully cut out the bottom and top creased 1-inch side sections. Leave the middle one, that’s going to help create the pocket of your envelope.
    1. Making Letter Sized Envelopes
  7. Fold the creased middle side sections so they face inside again.
  8. If using glue to seal your envelope’s edges, apply it along each of them, then carefully fold the bottom section up to create your envelope’s pocket. Allow it to dry completely. If using tape, simply fold your bottom half up over the folded-in side sections and tape the edges closed.
  9. Fill the envelope with letters or such as desired. When ready to seal, apply glue along the edge of the top section and fold it down over the middle of the envelope, or fold it down and tape it.

For a card Envelope:

How to make card sized map envelopes! Great project for kids!

  1. Take your map and fold the bottom right corner up to the opposite side to form a triangle. Line the sides up carefully.
  2. There should be an approximately 3 inch strip at the top of your triangle. Cut this off.
  3. Unfold your triangle and smooth it out. Place it in front of you with the corners facing the top, bottom, and to the sides.
  4. Fold the corners at the side inwards until their tips touch in the middle. Fold to crease.
  5. Fold the bottom corner up and about 1 inch over where the side corners meet in the middle, forming the pocket of the envelope.
  6. Apply glue along the inside edges of the folded-up bottom corner section and press it down over the meeting side corners, or apply tape. Press to seal. Allow to dry completely.
  7. When the envelope is filled and ready to seal, fold the top corner section down over the middle of the envelope. Apply glue at the edges or tape to seal.

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