Halloween Safety Tips

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halloween safety tips

The spooky time of year is creeping up fast! While buying candy and planning costumes, you may forget to inform your children about safety. Make it your number one priority this Halloween!

Car safety: Children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on Halloween than any other night, so make sure they hold flashlights. Plan for bright or reflective tape or reflective pieces on their costumes. Also, try to keep trick or treating to neighborhoods with sidewalks.

Safety in numbers: Young children should never go Trick or Treating without an adult. Young teens should always go in large groups (and it’s great if one of them has a cell phone just in case)!  If your older tweens/teens are going alone, be sure you know their planned route and set a firm curfew.

Fake weapons: If your child’s costume involves a sword or some kind of weapon, make sure it is fake, bendable, and unable to accidentally injure other children!  Many schools don’t allow any sort of fake weapons on costumes at school so if you’re sending your child to school in costume, check the school’s policy.

Stay on the porch: Remind the kids never to go into a stranger’s house, alone or otherwise!  Let them visit only houses that have lights on.

Check your candy: Although there has never been a report of someone actually tampering with candy by handing out candy with pins or poison on it, check your candy for anything out of the ordinary. Throw out anything that looks like it has been opened, if only to save your kids from the germs!  (And I’m always sure to “check” a few extra.. you know, just in case.  I’m a good mom like that. ;) )

Pumpkin Safety:  Allow smaller children to draw their jack-o-lantern faces but you can do the cutting for them!  Some pumpkin kits do have cutters with a rounded tip (such as this set).  My daughter started using this type with supervision at about age 8 as the end is blunt and the serrated edge is not sharp.  Swap out real candles for battery powered candles to avoid a fire hazard (plus the wind won’t blow them out!)

Check makeup (and skip masks):  Masks are a hazard for kids trick or treating outdoor (make up is  a safer choice).  They can slip and slide and restrict vision causing  your little ones to miss branches on the ground and on coming traffic.  If your child has an elaborate costume with makeup and contacts, make sure they test them the day before, to prevent Halloween night allergic reactions and a ruined holiday!  Just put a little spot on their arm or near their ear to make sure they don’t react.

Costume fit: Make sure your masks and costumes fit well, to prevent tripping, obscured vision, and torn costumes! Also, beware of dangling costumes near candles or other open flames.  If trick or treating watch for items that can get snagged or be tripped on.

Celebrate Indoors:  If you aren’t sure about outdoor trick or treating, check with your local shopping mall or community center.  They often have other great activities for the kids!  It’s light, bright, warm and they aren’t knocking on stranger’s doors.

May your Halloween be spooky, fun, and safe this year!



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