Great Uses for Toothpaste!

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Great New Uses for Toothpaste!! (Stop the itch from bug bites!)

Great Uses for Toothpaste

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It sits on your counter in your bathroom all day. You hardly notice it, unless it’s running low or missing. You use it to brush your teeth everyday, but do you know your toothpaste is good for so much more? Grab your toothpaste and check out these great ideas for alternative uses!

Stop the Itch. Dab a little toothpaste on an itchy bug bite to stop the itch and help reduce swelling.

Clean grime from your headlights.Dim, crusty headlights can make it hard to see. Just take the plastic covering off of your headlights, and scrub with toothpaste. The foaming action that helps to remove plaque will also get that nasty build up under control, so you can see better and drive safer at night!

Remove odors. Give your hands a little scrub with some toothpaste to remove odors from garlic, onion and other food odors.

Clean your sneakers. Toothpaste removes scuff marks, and will help to whiten your shoes even better than it whitens your teeth.

Deodorize food containers. If your baby’s bottle is starting to smell a little like sour milk, or your tupperware kind of smells like onions, take some toothpaste to the inside and scrub it out. Rinse it well, and your plastics will smell fresh and clean.

Zap a Zit.  A little toothpaste applied to a pimple before bed can reduced swelling and help to quickly zap it!

Remove stains from your carpet. The very same cleaning power you use on your teeth is also great for your rugs and carpets. Take a toothbrush and toothpaste and scrub at that stain, rubbing out the spill and leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Get rid of water rings. Everyone hates cup rings on their tables; get rid of them with a tiny bit of toothpaste on a shammy or paper towel. Rub it in, then wipe away; it’s that easy!

Remove beach tar: Get that yucky beach tar off of your toes by rubbing it with a little toothpaste. Then you’re back to the beach.

Remove crayon from the wall. If you have an aspiring Monet or Picasso living in your home, you probably also live with crayon marks on your walls. Get them off with a little toothpaste. Just rub it gently into the wall with a damp towel, and the crayon should start to come off. Don’t rub too hard, or you will damage the paint.

Shine up your digits. Rub a little toothpaste on your finger nails to whiten and brighten them!

Whiten piano keys: Rub some toothpaste into your piano keys, and they will be shiny and new again! Make sure to wash them completely of toothpaste before tickling the ivories again!

Polish a diamond. The cost of jewelry cleaners is ridiculous. Grab a bottle of toothpaste and let it shine your diamonds, gemstones, gold, silver, and platinum back like new. You’ll never go back to those expensive cleaners again!

great uses for toothpaste


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  1. Toothpaste is also good to rub on goggles when they fog up in the pool. Rub a small amount of toothpaste on your goggles, leave until it dries and wipe off with a tissue. Your swimming goggles won,t fog up anymore.

  2. Adding another: Can’t get the nasty smell off your hands, wash them with tooth paste. My mom did this bag in the day when working with pigs and other animals.