Great Uses for Baby Wipes!

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great uses for baby wipes

Great Uses for Baby Wipes!

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Baby wipes are a great household item. You can use them in almost every room in the house! So even if your children are out of the diaper stage, grab a box of baby wipes and check out these awesome household uses for them!

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Remove your makeup: If you have sensitive skin, you know how irritating makeup removers can be. Dry, itchy skin, and even red, rash-like irritations are products of even the most gentle makeup removers. So drop those expensive removers and try baby wipes! They’ll wipe off the mascara, eyeliner, and the most stubborn of waterproof makeup without the harsh, chemical side effects, and save you some money while you’re at it!

Clean your keyboard: The oil from your skin can ruin your keyboard, and make it unpleasant to touch. But cleaning a keyboard is super simple; all you need is a couple of baby wipes and canned air! Point the canned air and get out any dust or grime from under the keys, then, making sure the keyboard is unplugged or your computer off, scrub at the keys for a few minutes with the baby wipes. Wipe the whole thing down with a dry paper towel, and your keyboard will be clean again.

Toilet paper: Run out of toilet paper? Have some back up baby wipes! Keeping a little packet of them in your purse can save you if you end up in a public restroom that’s run out. (Note:  Most wipes are not flushable.)

Interior car cleaners: Leather and vinyl car seats can be difficult to clean, unless you have some baby wipes! Use them for small spills like coffee and juice, and rub off pollen or dust from the steering column.

Dusting: Dust rags and the cost of Swiffers getting you down? Switch to baby wipes! They work just as well as Swiffer wet, and can even fit over your Swiffer wet and dry mops. They also are great for wiping down bookshelves, furniture and tables. Take your baby wipes and lay them out on your counter to dry a little before taking them to any water-sensitive electronics or wood. You’ll never switch back to Swiffers again!

Shoe polishing: Shoes in need of buffing? Grab a baby wipe!

Remove hair dye:  Get a little hair dye on your forehead?  Baby wipes easily remove hair dye that has stained the skin along your hairline. (This actually works!)

Kitchen Cleaner:  Add a little vinegar to your wipe and you have a great kitchen wipe that easily removes grease and grime while disinfecting!

Soothe sunburn: The ingredients in baby wipes help to soften and soothe your skin. It makes them great for sunburns and irritated skin. You can wash your sun-abused skin with them, or even just lay them overtop of the irritated skin to make it feel better for a few minutes.

Quick cleanups: Need to wash your hands but there are no sinks around? Keep some baby wipes on hand to make sure you’re always ready for anything messy life hands you!

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  1. Wipes really have many usages aside for baby’s, it could be used also for make removal and cleaning some stuff that can’t be cleaned using dry tissues.

  2. Yes baby wipes are the best. I just always keep them I my handbag , in case a passer by is sick or a child treads in dog poo etc You would be amazed at how many people I have given them out and seeing people clearly happy for just a wipe is truly makes you feel as if you have helped someone out for that day and I am sure they will not forget your help in their time of crisis.