Sriracha Gift Ideas

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15+ Spicy Sriracha Gift Ideas for the sriracha lover in your life! I definitely need to have #8 with me at all times!

15+ Spicy Sriracha Gift Ideas

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Do you LOVE sriracha or know someone who does? If so, these sriracha gift ideas will help you choose the perfect gift! Below you’ll find a bunch of interesting (and some strange) sriracha items that would make great gift ideas! I definitely need to have #8 with me at all times!

(1) “I Heart Sriracha” Necklace: add a little spice to your accessories!

(2) Sriracha Water Bottle: cool off with a hot sauce!

(3) Sriracha Flavored Blue Diamond Almonds: for those who like to add a little challenge to getting their handful of almonds!

(4) Sriracha Logo Leggings: to keep your legs really “hot” this winter!

(5) Men’s Sriracha Crew Socks: seriously, how “hot” are these?!

(6) Sriracha Coffee Cups

(7) Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce Popcorn: the most amazing delicious and spicy, gourmet popcorn experience! I can personally say this stuff is TASTY!

(8) Sriracha2Go Combo Pack: the perfect size to fit on your key ring so that you’re always prepared for those meals requiring Sriracha!

(9) Sriracha Candy Canes: rumor has it that these are pretty great crushed and served over ice cream or used as as a spicy-sweet cocktail stirrer!

(10) Sriracha Ketchup Tea Towel: Use it to wipe your hands clean after eating the extra saucy hot wings you made or wave the white flag in surrender!

(11) The Sriracha Cookbook: 50 palate-expanding recipes that make the most of Sriracha’s savory punch!

(12) Sriracha Lip Balm: talk about a hot and steamy kiss ;)

(13) Sriracha Large Tin Fun Box: perfect for food, fun and “stuff”. Hot sauce not included!

(14) Sriracha Recipes Playing Cards: cook a recipe and play your favorite card game while wowing your friends with this full color deck of poker sized playing cards!

(15) Pop Weaver Sriracha Microwave Popcorn: guaranteed to make movie night even more better for sriracha lovers!

(16) Sriracha Cell Phone Cases

(17) Sriracha Tees for Men & Women


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