Fun Halloween Party Games & Activities

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10 Halloween Party Games and Activities!

10 Fun Halloween Party Games & Activities

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Having a Halloween party this year? Looking for something different to play or favors to make?  Or just want to do something fun and special for your own kiddos?

Check out this cool list of to-do’s for the spookiest time of the year. Your Halloween party will be the talk of the town for many years to come!

Do you have any favorite Halloween games?  Add your own fun ideas in the comments below!

1.  Put on a Show: Do you kids like scary stories? Who doesn’t! Memorize a creepy story about a witch’s brew and then grab a few shoe boxes. Cut a couple of holes in the boxes big enough for little hands, then pass them around as you tell the story. Include things like, “This was her jar of lizard guts!” when you pass around the cooked spaghetti for the kids to feel. You can use peeled hard boiled eggs for eyes, sticks and twigs for dried fingers, and melty jello for snail slime! Super gross, but the kids love it!

2.  Have a crafting station: Have fun crafts for the kids! Let them make their own Halloween bags for trick or treating or have make your own puppet station!

3.  Have a costume contest: Don’t forget to vote, and have a prize for most original and best dressed!

4.  Treasure hunt: Hide a load of candy, then leave clues all over for the kids to find it! Have the neighbors play along; start at your house, and hang tags around stuffed black cats, bats, or other Halloween critters. Have the kids work together to decipher the clues and find the stash!

5.  Mummy Wrap competition: Have the children compete in a mummy wrapping! Get teams of three, and two wrap the third in toliet paper. First to cover their “mummy” wins a prize.

6.  Have a candy exchange: It will allow your kids to exchange unwanted candy for something they’ll really love.

7.  Candy Jar Guessing Game: Have a large jar of candy corn, jelly beans, or your favorite spooky treat and have the kids guess how many is in the jar. Have each child write their guess on a piece of paper, along with their names. The closest one wins the whole jar of candy!

8.  Have a Haunted Maze: You’ll need some extra adults on hand! Make a maze out of cardboard boxes taped together, large enough so the kids can crawl through it. Have an adult every couple of boxes make a scary noise or shake the boxes. If you have a “window” cut into the boxes, they can even pop their heads in and scare everyone who dares crawl through!

9.  Balloon Pop: Make a big pumpkin shape out of orange balloons on a piece of heavy duty cardboard or large slab of wood. Have the kids throw darts at the balloons and try to pop them. You can even slip a piece of candy into some of the balloons for extra fun!

10.  Pumpkin Carving Contest: See who can carve, or decorate, the best pumpkin!

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  1. I missed these all Halloween game ideas for kids last year. But i found it now and i am gonna try it on this Halloween. All ideas are great Good Work Dude!

  2. These are such great ideas for a kids Halloween party. Now that Halloween has passed I will need to come back to this next year and plan a fun party for my little ones!