Easter Scavenger Hunts are one of our all time favorite traditions!

It’s hard to believe that Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re anything like me you’re wondering where Christmas went!

Time sure does fly, and it can sometimes be a struggle to keep up. I’m excited to have partnered with SweeTARTS treats to create the one of best Easter egg scavenger hunts ever!

Easter basket filled with candy and Easter Scavenger Hunt clues

How to Make a Scavenger Hunt

It’s time to start thinking about Easter morning, and how we want to do the annual Easter egg hunt.

Easter is fun because it seems that everyone does it just a little bit differently.  We have always done our own Easter egg hunt at home, as it gives us more of a chance to spend the time as a family during Easter! We usually start our holidays off with Banana Nut Crunch Muffins followed by activities and then an amazing Easter Ham lunch!

When my kids were smaller, we used to hide a million Easter eggs around the house and have my kids hunt for them. As much fun as that was, we have started doing a scavenger hunt and love it even more!

I always struggle to come up with scavenger hunt ideas at home, that are both age appropriate and enjoyable. I created this easy printable SweeTARTS scavenger hunt to make it fun for my kiddies and yours too!

Easter Scavenger Hunt clues

I’ve created free printable scavenger hunt clues with all of the clues you need to make the best Easter egg scavenger hunt ever! Just simply print out and stuff your colored Easter eggs with your clues and some SweeTARTS treats, then place them around the house for your little ones to find on Easter morning!

Use the blank clues if you have your own scavenger hunt ideas or specific hiding spots in mind around the house or if you’d like to add more clues to make your scavenger hunt longer.

SweeTARTS just released SweeTarts Sour Bunny Gummy Gummy Treat Size Pouches and “SweeTARTS Egg Fillers for Easter, and they seriously couldn’t make things easier or more affordable! I picked up each of those, and then printed the clues out and voila, just like that we were ready to go!

PRINT Easter Scavenger Hunt Clues

How to Make a Scavenger Hunt Age Appropriate

The clues for this Easter egg hunt range from easy to tricky, but if you have younger ones you can place the Easter eggs in an easier to find spot.

For example, if one hiding spot would be the pantry, hide the Easter egg inside of a package for the older ones and just on a shelf for the younger ones!

If you’re making an Easter Scavenger Hunt for tweens, you can get even more creative hiding the SweeTARTS filled eggs in one place and the clue in the same area… for example, the egg on the bookshelf and the clue in a book cover. (And if you’re like me… keep a masterlist so you know where everything is at)!

Candy and plastic eggs for Easter Scavenger Hunt

The great thing about the SweeTARTS Egg Fillers is that they contain 190 candies ranging from original, chew, and extreme sour chewy! The whole thing weighs 52 oz too, so you know you are getting some bang for your buck (and I definitely snuck a few while I was putting these awesome scavenger hunt ideas together).

I found everything to fit super easily into the normal plastic Easter eggs that you can pick up from any dollar store, the clues included! Make sure you add the next clue to each Easter egg, so your kids open it as they receive their candy from the last scavenger hunt clue.

Once I got my Easter eggs stuffed, I had a few left over so I decided to stuff these with Bunny-shaped limited-edition SweeTARTS Sour Bunny Gummies.These are great for those seeking a tongue-twisting pucker, if your kids love sour candies like mine! These are also free of artificial flavors and colors, and come in a snackable treat size pouches which are perfect for Easter Egg hunts!

Easter Scavenger Hunt clues with candy

Create your own Scavenger Hunt Ideas

I used the blank clues included in the free printable to create some specific clues to my house that only my kids would get, which they absolutely loved.

I definitely had to limit the amount of candy my kids ate after their Easter Egg hunt. This has quickly turned into one of my favorite easter egg scavenger hunt ideas ever! I will definitely have to do this one again.

Clues included in this printable:

  1. (FRONT DOOR) Here comes the Easter Bunny Hop hop hop Go where we greet guests For your first stop!
  2. (LAUNDRY ROOM) Making brightly colored eggs is Easter fun Next go to the place where The washing is done
  3. (PANTRY) Candy is dandy and sweets are nice You’ll find your next clue Where we store the rice
  4.  (REFRIGERATOR) Carrots and eggs on our Easter table Go where they’re kept if you’re able
  5. (FAMILY ROOM) We curl up together and read through a book This should be the next place you go look
  6. (SHOE CLOSET) Fluffy cotton tails and big bunny ears too Go to the door and look in your shoe
  7. (UNDER THE BED)Cozy blankets and pillows When you go to bed Go peek in the spot Where you rest your head


Easter basket for Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Clues with a title



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