How to Clean your Blinds!

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How to clean your blinds!

 How to Clean Your Blinds

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Blinds are a convenient and attractive way to block out the sun.  They allow you privacy in your living room without concern for what the neighbors think.  They are adjustable so that they can give you JUST ENOUGH light.  They are really great… until you have to clean them.

When it’s time for them to get scrubbed or dusted, you are probably cursing them (and yourself for letting them get so dirty.) The reality is that almost everyone has blinds these days but not everyone knows how to clean them.  As a result, they are often left unclean, dusty or dirty for long periods of time.  The stress of cleaning them just outweighs the joy of having a tidy house.

However, if you take some lessons from the tips below, you will likely see that cleaning blinds doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

DUST THEM REGULARLY:  If you can maintain your blinds and keep them relatively clean then the actual deep cleaning will be much less of a pain.  To do so, vacuum blinds every time you vacuum the carpet (or at least every second time).

  • You can use the brush attachment on your vacuum across for most blinds (unless they are vertical blinds, then you’ll want to vacuum up and down).
  • You can also purchase a blind cleaner brush or duster (or use your regular duster, or even an old sock).

SPOT CLEAN THEM AS NEEDED: If you need to spot clean, use an all-purpose cleaner.  Spray a towel or rag with the cleaner.  Never spray the cleaner directly onto the blinds.

  • For more serious cleaning, adding a few drops of soap to a bucket of warm water and wiping horizontal blinds with a damp cloth.


  • WOOD blinds should never be soaked or saturated.  They can be wiped with a damp cloth.
  • FABRIC blinds can be dry cleaned, if need be.
  • METAL OR VINYL blinds can actually be washed gently outside or in the bathtub (from side to side) with dish soap and brush or rag.

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