Caring For & Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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How to care for hardwood floors

Caring for & Cleaning Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are beautiful, durable, and desirable. They add value to your home and make each room’s coloring a little warmer. The variety of colors and styles for hardwood floors are all over the map, but one thing is true for all of them: keeping them clean and cared for is a great investment!

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Routine Care

Keep them dry: Wipe up all spills on your floor immediately. Wood is porous, even though it is sealed, and liquid will absorb into the wood. Absorbed moisture can lead to rotting wood and nasty looking molds.

Keep it dusted: Dusting your floors about once a week a great idea. You can even use a vacuum without the beater bar or a Swiffer dry cloth, but make sure to get up the grime as often as necessary, so the dust doesn’t get ground into the coating.

Use protection: Always make sure to cover the bottoms of chairs and sofa legs with those little fabric or plastic pads. It will keep furniture from scratching your precious floors.  When moving items on hardwood it’s best to lift them rather than drag them across the floor.

Take care with hard spills: If you have a hard spill, like chewing gum, tar or candle wax, you have to be very careful with the removal, or you can damage the floors. Make sure to ice the stain until it’s hard, then scrape carefully with a credit card or a plastic scraper. Do not use metal scrapers or blades on your hardwood floors!

No paws: If you have furry friends, make sure to keep them off of the hardwood floors as much as possible. Lay down area rugs or put up baby gates to keep their scratchy nails off of the floor. Also, since your four-legged friends have little traction on hardwood, it can also better for them to keep away from wood flooring.

Know your floors: Each type of hardwood flooring has its own do’s and don’ts. Make sure you know if your floors are wax, surface, or acrylic, and the special cleaning instructions they each have.


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Avoid abrasives: When cleaning your floors, avoid anything highly abrasive, such as steel wool, harsh chemicals, and rough clothes. Only use soft cloths and tools designed for hardwood floor use.

 Pick up Dirt:  Clean up dirt and dust before washing so small particles don’t scratch the surface.  This is best done weekly or even more frequently if you have pets or children.

Washing:   The best ways to wash your hardwood is to use a product specifically tailored for hardwood.  Prepare product according to package directions.  Use a damp mop making sure that you don’t spill or leave puddles on the floor.  Turning on your ceiling fan can help the floors to dry a little quicker.

With these tips, your beautiful hardwood floors will stay beautiful for years to come!

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