How old is your Bread… and great uses for Bread Tags!

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The color of the tag on your bread tells you what day it was baked!  Be careful though, often the date on the tag is the “sell by” or expiry, not the date baked!  This little guide will help you pick the freshest loaf on the shelf!

Here are great ideas for using your bread tags!bread tag wine charm on a wine glass


  • Wineglass or drink charms, they can clip onto the stem or lip of a glass
  • To label cords
  • Makes a great bookmark
  • Clip pairs of socks together before washing
  • As counting pieces or sorting pieces for young mathematicians
  • Mark your spare keys
  • Label your christmas garland so you know where each piece goes next year
  • Use as a scraper to remove bits of gunk
  • Place one under the edge of your roll of tape so you can find the end next time
  • Use it to scratch lottery tickets

key with tag




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  1. I use them to fix broken flip flops during the summer when money is tight. The cheaper flip flops are prone to breaking and the front part coming out of the hole. Well put that strap right back and slap a bread tab on it! Usually the bread tab is too big to go through the hole and stays flush against the bottom of the flip flop. Made mine last another two years before I grew out of them!

  2. These are nice ideas how to use bread ties. Another idea for them is to put them on the end of your roll of duct tape etc. and you will always know where the end of the tape is at. I keep forgetting the color codes when I go to the store so I usually just squeeze the bread a bit to see if its fresh – oops This little color chart I can attach to my coupon book – save the pinching the bread