How old is your Bread… and great uses for Bread Tags!

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The color of the tag on your bread tells you what day it was baked!  Be careful though, often the date on the tag is the “sell by” or expiry, not the date baked!  This little guide will help you pick the freshest loaf on the shelf!

Here are great ideas for using your bread tags!wine charm


  • Wineglass or drink charms, they can clip onto the stem or lip of a glass
  • To label cords
  • Makes a great bookmark
  • Clip pairs of socks together before washing
  • As counting pieces or sorting pieces for young mathematicians
  • Mark your spare keys
  • Label your christmas garland so you know where each piece goes next year
  • Use as a scraper to remove bits of gunk
  • Place one under the edge of your roll of tape so you can find the end next time
  • Use it to scratch lottery tickets
  • OR… Create amazing pieces of art with your tags like Beth Taylor!





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