10 Amazing Uses for Honey!

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10 amazing uses for honey

10 Amazing Uses for Honey!

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Everyone loves a fresh, sweet jar of honey. It’s great for tea, coffee, or peanut butter and honey sandwiches. But honey is great for lots of other reasons other than its sweet flavor. The health benefits of honey are endless.

Your Allergies: Buying local honey from the farmer’s market can help your seasonal allergies. The honey contains the local pollens, and eating about a teaspoon of it a day in your tea or straight up will make your sinuses less irritated and you’ll sneeze and cough less. The closer the hive of honeybees was to your home, the better!

Your Skin: Your skin loves honey almost as much as you do. It will clean your pores, soften your skin, and works as an anti-aging agent. You can add honey to oatmeal and buttermilk for a facial, or pour honey on a half of a lemon and rub your skin to get rid of blackheads. Honey helps with acne, wrinkles, oily skin and dry skin to help rebalance the natural oils your skin needs to stay healthy.

Your body: Honey is a million time better for you than sugar, and be substituted wherever you use sugar. While sugar mostly just sweet, honey is rich in calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and lots of vitamins. Natural honey also has been through little processing, unlike white sugar.

Burn remedy:  Honey not only has antibacterial properties, but it also draws moisture from the air!  If you have a burn, generously dab honey on it to kill germs and moisten the wound.

Your Hair: Add a few drops of honey to your conditioner, or just put honey mixed with olive oil right on your hair. Your hair never felt so good!

Your Throat:  Adding a spoonful of honey along with a juiced lemon will help soothe a scratchy dry throat.

Your health: Honey has been shown to lower blood pressure and help to keep arteries unclogged when eaten regularly. It also acts as a natural anti-bacterial, helps boost your digestive and immune systems, and when eaten in moderation can help you to lose weight. That’s pretty sweet!

Your world: Bees are a dying species, and without support from beekeepers all over the world, bees would die off. Without bees, we would be without most of the fruits and vegetables we now take for granted. So supporting your local honeybees will help to keep the species going!

Your lips: Chapped lips can be solved with a little beeswax mixed with honey. You’ll never buy Chapstick again!

The Morning After:  Having a little honey after an evening of cocktails can help ward off a hangover!  The fructose will speed up your metabolism!

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