A rockin’ set of Speakers!

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A rockin’ set of Speakers!

teen speakers

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LOL.. Tidying up, my daughter was going to put the empty paper towel roll into recycle… and next thing I know we have a rockin’ new set of speakers in the kitchen! :)

She cut a slit in the paper towel roll, and stuck the end into a couple of paper cups.  Covered it in tape and voila.

Love how creative kiddos are! Smart girl!  And it works surprisingly well to amplify the sound!!  Great in a pinch when you need some music on the deck.  :)


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One comment on “A rockin’ set of Speakers!”

  1. I love your recipes and I haven’t even gotten through the ones you posted today. I’m curious as to what kind of speaker your daughter made the really ingenious set of speakers for. I love your site, it has so much to offer.

    Blessings to you and your family, Linda

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