6 Great Uses for Dryer Sheets!

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6 Great Uses for Dryer Sheets

dryer sheets

Dryer sheets are not just for drying clothes… here are some other great uses!

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Dryer sheets are a great inventions to help fight static in your clothes and leave them with a fresh scent. Tossing one into the dryer is so easy too! But did you know that dryer sheets have tons of uses? They are not just for the laundry room anymore.

No more ants: Ants hate dryer sheets. If they come in through the window, line the area with dryer sheets to keep them away!

Anti-static: Your TV screen can be full of static, which causes dust to cling to the screen. Running a dryer sheet over the screen will reduce static and keep your screen dust to a minimum throughout the week.

Soap scum removal: Does your shower get soap scum on the door or the walls? No problem! A dryer sheet will remove all of it. Just rub it over the dirty spots and your glass shower door will shine like new.

Freshen up: The dryer sheets have a permeating perfume scent that will freshen your shoes, your clothing drawers, and even your old books.

Dusting: Dryer sheets will get the dust of every surface and leave a fresh scent.

Baked on food: Fill the pan with water, then float a dryer sheet in the pan. After letting it soak overnight, the food will fall off with little scrubbing. Super fast and easy!

Great ideas from our readers:

  • Sammie Jo:   In the south we use them to get those pesky stuck on bugs off our vehicles.
  •  Judy S.:   I fold them up in my blankets for storing, they come out smelling wonderful

dryer sheets



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  1. Stick a fabric sheet inside your fresh pillow cases and when having company one at the top and foot of the mattress before covering with a fitted sheet. Fabric softener sheets can also be used in shoes that are in the closet, if boxed, lay one in each box. Sorry for the many typos in my last post. Hope this one will replace it :)You will have your company asking what kind of detergent you use, the smell leaves you with a smile on your face

  2. Fabric softener sheets are also great for changing linings out and putting one in each fresh pillow case.When having guest I always wash the linning and stuck one at the top and bottom of mattress before covering with a fitted sheet. Shoes that I are in boxes left in the closet , toss one in each box. Your closer will stay fresh and your shoes will also

  3. I use them in my lingerie drawers as sachets. Not only is my clothing fresh, but the sheets scent the room with a light fragrance.