15 Items you should always keep in your purse!

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15 Items you should always keep in your purse!

15 Items You Should ALWAYS Have in Your Purse

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I keep a lot of things in my purse and especially when my kids were little some of these items came in handy…  bandaids at the playground, a charger for my phone that died when I was out longer than expected and a tiny little Swiss army knife to open packages and tweeze out slivers!

Most of these items are items you already have on hand and take up almost no space at all!  I like to keep them in a little inexpensive purse organizer like this so it’s easy to swap between purses!

  1. First Aid Kit (or at least the items that might be in one):  Especially if you have kids (but even if you don’t) you really need a first aid kit in your bag.  You should include painkillers, bandages, a small bottle of antiseptic, some antibiotic ointment and so on.
  2. In Case of Emergency Information:  You should have information about yourself, your children, etc. in your purse.  List your medical insurance company, the number of your spouse or another contact and any other pertinent information.  For example, allergies to medications or any history of illness, diseases or disorders and the phone number to your alarm company should you have one!
  3. Notepad and Pen:  You can use it to write down numbers, jot down ideas or write yourself a reminder.  It is also helpful to have a pen should you need to sign something.  Cell phones have become the “wave of the future” as far as storing data, but a pad and pen will never die on you and if you need it, it will never be out of service.
  4. Spare Change:  Just in case you need to hit up a vending machine for some water or plug a parking meter unexpectedly!
  5. Your Cell Phone and a Spare Charger:  The cell phone is sort of a “duh” but the charger can come in real handy.  You should make sure you have an alternate way to charge your phone in case of an emergency or if you can’t use your car charger for some reason.
  6. A small survival tool card (or swiss army knife):  These little tools are versatile, inexpensive and  amazing.  You will be so glad you have one in a pinch.
  7. Grooming Necessities:  Carry products that help you to feel clean and look presentable.  If you get caught in a rainstorm or eat garlicky food, you want to be able to make yourself your best again.   Carry a brush, moisturizer, lip gloss, compact, a small make-up kit, perfume, travel deodorant, wet naps, cotton balls, nail file, etc. and hand sanitizer Hair Ties:  If you or your kids have long hair, it’s a great idea to always throw a few hair ties in the bottom of your purse.
  8. Safety Pins:  These can be used for broken sandals, ripped seams or zipper or even buttons.  You can quickly find a temporary fix for an emergency if you have safety pins.
  9. Flashlight:  Keeping a flashlight on hand is a way to stay safe and is also convenient for finding your keys, etc. in your purse at night.
  10. Snacks:  Always carry a snack in your purse for yourself and/or your kids.  It can help keep you feeling energetic and upbeat and stop a toddler tantrum in its tracks.
  11. For Moms: Toys and Books:  If you are a mom then you know that keeping kids entertained on long shopping trips, doctor’s visits or even just a quick play date can be stressful. Keeping snacks, books, toys and other things they love on hand will diminish the fear and allow you to get out with them more.
  12. Water bottle:  Keeping a water bottle is an easy way to try and sneak in some extra H2O and prevent the temptation to drink a soda or crack open an energy drink.
  13. An extra pair of shoes:  Throw a pair of ballet slippers or flip flops in your bag and be ready for mud, rain or nasty blisters.  Of course, make sure they are small.
  14. Address labels:  Use address labels on documents, forms and other paperwork at the doctor’s office, mechanic shop or WHEREVER.  Save your hands and wrists the trouble of writing the same thing over and over and over and OVER.
  15.  Pain Killers:  A small tube of Tylenol or Advil can easily be tucked into your purse along with any other time sensitive medications you require.  Perfect for when you’re out longer than expected or get a splitting headache!

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