12 Tips to Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life!

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12 Tips to Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life! (Most of these will work on any brand of phone).

How to Improve your Cell Phone Battery Life

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Cell phones are not only our phones, but social media devices, cameras, video cameras, mp3 players, and even shopping devices. Keeping everything in one place is convenient, unless your cell phone battery seems to die really fast. However, there are a few great tips for keeping your cell phone charged and ready for whatever life throws at you!

      1. Keeping it cool: Don’t keep your phone on a hot window sill or locked up in a hot car. Hot is more damaging to cell phone batteries than cool, so watch where you leave it!
      2. Change your settings: You can find out which programs are battling for most of your phone’s power in the settings control panel. Check your user manual for how to reach the settings panel for your particular phone. See which apps are running in the background, eating up your battery, and shut them off.
      3. Say no to cute animations: If you have a live wallpaper or fun widget running, it’s all fun and games until your batteries die! Animations and other automated programs will eat up your batteries when you’re not looking.
      4. Turn down the brightness: You won’t believe how a slightly darker screen will affect your battery life!
      5. Save downloads until you’re plugged in: Downloading apps can eat up your battery; make sure all automatic updates are turned off, so you can update your apps when you are ready, not when the app is!
      6. Don’t overcharge: Don’t plug your phone in a forget about it! Leaving a cell phone plugged in can cause the cell phone battery to overheat, making your batteries lose some of their efficiency. Make sure to plug them in when you get home, and unplug them before you go to sleep.
      7. Get rid of old apps: Don’t weigh down your phone with apps you don’t use; they may be live and running in the background when you turn on your phone. Get rid of anything you don’t use; it will free up some hard drive space as well!
      8. Have an emergency back up plan: Look up your phone model online and see if you can replace your battery yourself. Most iPhones cannot have the battery removed, but most other brands can. Have a fully-charged backup battery with you, or at least a wire you can charge your phone with if need be!
      9. Turn off GPS: You only really need GPS when you’re searching for directions. The rest of the time, you can shut it off and enjoy less strain on your battery’s resources. Do the same with your Bluetooth devices when they are not in use.
      10. Use airplane mode: If you end up in an area with bad signal, turn on airplane mode. It will stop your phone from searching for signal and eating up the battery doing it. Once you’re back in a better phone zone, you can jump out of airplane mode and get back to texting.
      11. Turn off notifications: Although it’s great to know the moment you have an email, that service may be costing you in cell phone battery life. Cut down on the instant notifications and check your email yourself every few minutes.
      12. Lock your phone: Keeping your phone locked will cut down on accidental pocket dialling. How many times have you pulled out your phone to see the screen is on and you’re visiting some random site? End the pocket menace by locking it up!

Too late?!  Has your phone already died?  Put your phone into airplane mode while it’s charging and it will charge much quicker!

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