10 Tips to keep your produce fresh longer!

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10 Tips to Keep your produce fresh longer

10 Tips to keep your produce fresh longer!

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In the last few decades the importance of fresh produce and whole foods, in general, has become headline news.  The need to eat fruits and vegetables that are as fresh as possible is understood now more than ever.  They supply fiber, vitamins, minerals and vital nutrients that simply can’t be matched.  With that said, millions of moms are collectively putting their heads in their hands as they watch perfectly good fruit and veggies go to waste.  Mold, mildew, rot and bacteria claim more produce than they should.  However, nixing fresh produce is just not an option.  Check out our 10 tips for keeping your produce fresher longer!

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1.  Store your salad greens and lettuce in an airtight bowl with a paper towel to absorb any excess moisture.  (How to keep lettuce fresh for up to 2 weeks)  keep lettuce fresh

2.  Make yourself aware of which foods should and should not be stored together. You might be shocked to learn, for example, that potatoes should not be stored with onions but SHOULD be stored with an apple.

3.  Keep your fruits and vegetables whole until you are ready to eat them.  Chopping them ahead can lead to them going bad faster.

4.  Do not stock your refrigerator the brim as this can cause food spoilage.

5.  Invest in a vacuum sealing system. These can be pricey but they really make sense for people who stock up when things are on sale including meats and produce.  Double check that your vacuum sealer comes with produce jars.

6.  Spritz fruits with lemon before storing.  You can also soak your berries in vinegar water to keep them fresh and firm.  How to make berries last longer!

7.  Be careful when planning your meals.  If you are buying a large bag of apples on sale then make sure that you can incorporate them into a few meals.  For example, make apple, cheddar grilled cheeses, apple pie cinnamon rolls for breakfast and apple pie filling that week.

8.  The fresher your food is, the less likely it is to spoil.  To get the freshest stuff out there check out local farmer’s markets.

9.  Take it a step further and plant your own small garden. This is an easy way to cut down on food costs, become aware of where your food is coming from and prevent spoilage.  Of course, be sure to plant those things which you will eat and that you know your family will enjoy.

10.  If you are up for it and it makes sense for your family you may want to consider cooking your vegetables ahead and then storing them in the refrigerator or even the freezer to be eaten throughout the week.

These 10 tips are a basic crash course in keeping your produce fresh.  You should be willing to do a little bit of research on which foods should be stored together and keep in mind which foods your family simply doesn’t eat.  For example, don’t buy 5 heads of broccoli for a family of 4 who doesn’t LOVE broccoli.  It seems like common sense but sometimes a mother’s instinct to choose healthy foods or a great sale can keep can cause you to buy more than you need.  Purchase food that will get eaten and once you do try out a few of these tips.  You are bound to find that more and more of your food stays fresher longer.

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