10 Simple Ways to Cut Calories!

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10 Simple Ways to Cut Calories

Losing weight can be a very difficult thing. However, there are lots of little things you can do to cut calories every day, to make the process a little easier. You won’t lose a lot of weight quickly, but those calories will add up over time, helping you to lose a few pounds this year, and keep you healthier in the process!

Cut one soda a day: Cutting one serving of soda a day and replacing it with water will save you about 200 calories a day. That would be 73,000 calories in a year! Don’t like water? Try making some naturally flavored water (link).

Replace your milk with skim: Replacing the milk in your cereal with skim milk can save you about 150 calories per day, or 55,000 calories this year.

Tap your toes: Be restless. Someone who moves and taps their feet while on the phone or at their desk burns about 200 calories a day extra than someone who sits still.

The bagel swap: Trading in your morning bagel for an english muffin can save you about 220 calories a day, or 80,000 calories in a year!

Serving size: In need of a snack? Pour a little into a bowl and munch instead of eating right out of the bag. This can save you up to 500 calories a day, which is 180,000 calories in a year!

Smaller plate, smaller food: If you use a smaller plate which eating, your mind will trick your stomach into thinking it is fuller, faster. Save up to another 500 calories a day!

Trade in Mayo for Mustard: One tablespoon of mayo has 90 calories and 10 grams of fat….  1 teaspoon of mustard has no fat or calories.  Adding sauce to your meals usually means adding calories, sugar and fat.

Swap wine for beer: Beer has no nutritional value whatsoever. Replace it with red wine; wine (especially reds) have a property which helps your body to rid itself of excess calories when eaten with a meal. Just a glass or two a day will make a huge difference!

Muscles: Building muscle forces your body to burn calories without any extra effort on your part. Even if you don’t exercise, your muscles will help keep your body lean all by themselves! Replace a little of your cardio or walking with some crunches or push ups.

Use butter: Vegetable oil may have less calories, and it may sound counter-intuitive, but butter is better! Healthy sources of saturated fats like butter and nuts help your body to burn calories more efficiently. But don’t use too much! One serving of butter a day, cooked with your food or spread over some bread or veggies is plenty!



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