10 Places in your home with the most germs!

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10 Place in your home with the most germs!  Get out your Lysol wipes because some of these will really surprise you!

10 Places in your home with the most germs!

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Your house is holding germs in places you may have never thought of!  Your hands are holding railings, shopping carts and door handles (oh and all kinds of germs and bacteria) while you’re out and about… those yucky germs come home with you and hide in your home!  

You can easily use antibacterial wipes on most of these items to reduce the germs!  I ask my kids to wash their hands when they come in from being out and about!

Do you REALLY want to know where they’re lurking?  I Well, if so, here they are… in no particular order (think some of these will totally surprise you)!!   Grab some Lysol wipes and read on…


        • Dish Towels & Sponges:  You wipe up juice, water or food and then put your dish towel right back on its hanger ready for its next use.  You can imagine what is living on that thing, can’t you?  How can you prevent rubbing dirty, germy towels all over your counter?  The simple answer is to use paper towels.  But, if you are frugal or environmentally conscious then be sure to wash your dish towels regularly and don’t use the same towel for more than a day or two.    You can quickly and easily sanitize your sponges daily and here are great tips to keep your dish towels clean!
        • Stove Knobs:  People often, without thinking, touch these knobs with dirty hands.  You may even handle raw meat and then, unknowingly, spread germs to the knob when you go to turn on the stove or oven.   Be sure to keep them clean with soap and an antibacterial cleaner!
        • Salt and Pepper Shakers:  They get touched constantly and are being passed from person all of the time (who would’ve thought?).  Plus, you touch them while cooking.  It makes sense that your salt and pepper shakers are literally crawling with bacteria.  While they are handled frequently, salt & pepper shakers are rarely wiped or washed!  What can you do?  Wash your hands, and give them a wipe once a week with an antibacterial wipe!  Be sure never to touch them with hands that have touched raw meat or other contaminates.  Your coffee maker is a close second, you’ll want to be sure to clean all of the removable parts in hot soapy water and any parts that are dishwasher safe should be washed regularly!
        • Cutting Boards: Moisture, food particles and grime get stuck in your cutting board as you chop, slice and julienne your food.  It is so easy to let cutting boards get completely filthy and not even realize it.  Learn how to clean & sanitize your cutting boards here.


        • Toothbrush and Holders:  We won’t go into all of the gross details but there are a LOT of germs in the bathroom where we usually store our toothbrushes.  They are literally flying everywhere.  The best way to keep your toothbrush clean is to keep it in your own (not communal) holder and wash its holder regularly.  You should also change your toothbrush out every few months.


        • Bathroom Faucet Handle: The faucet handle is supposed to help you clean your hands but you so often touch it with dirty hands after using the restroom.  The best way to keep them clean is to scrub it with bleach and water at least once a week.


        • Computer Keyboard:  You touch your computer keyboard constantly and probably do not think to wash your hands prior.    The best way to keep it clean is to wash your hands before using it.  You should also clean it once a week or so and try not eat and drink around it (imagine all of the food particles, etc. that are sitting in between the keys of your keyboard if you eat near it.  YUCK!)  Tips on cleaning keyboards can be found here!


        • The Welcome Mat  This makes sense.  Think of how many people rub their shoes on it.  There are two ways to prevent the spread of these germs into your home.  First, do not set anything on it (i.e. grocery bags or purse) and then walk into your home.  Second, if you wipe your shoes on it, do not walk all over your house with germy shoes.  Cleaning your mat regularly with a disinfectant spray is a good idea.
        • Vacuum Cleaners  You suck everything up into your vacuum bag… and create a collection of germs! Ew!  Change the bags frequently and it’s a great idea to do this outside.  Let’s add carpets to this list.  Carpets harvest and hold all of the dirt our feet drag in..  and the germs the dog drags in too! It’s a great idea to have your carpets professionally cleaned from time to time
        • Pet Bowls & Toys:  Your pets are outside in the yard, sniffing your shoes, licking the floor and drooling in their dish… it’s no great surprise that their bowls & toys would be infested with critters!  Be sure to wash the bowls every couple of days and to occasionally collect up all of their toys and wash them in a hot setting in your washer (or on anti-bacterial!).
        • Door Handles & Light Switches  Dirty hands are all over these things opening doors, flipping lights on and off…   these things are covered in germs and bacteria.  A quick wipe with a Lysol wipe or antibacterial cleaner will fix these up!!
        • Remote Control  Your remote control is constantly being handled by everyone in the family.  It falls on the floor, sits in the couch cushions, is sneezed on, is dropped and handled in every room of the house.  This creates a germy  “wand” that is being held, handled and used all of the time by your whole family.  It’a a good idea to wipe it down with disinfecting wipes once a week or so.

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