10 New Ways to Use Coffee Filters

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Here are 10 clever ways to use coffee filters! Perfect if you've swapped over to a single cup maker like a Keurig and you've got filters to put to use! Perfect for shining mirrors and so much more!

10 New Ways to Use Coffee Filters

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Have some extra coffee filters left over from an old machine (maybe because you’ve switched over to a Keurig like I have)? How about some filters you bought that were the wrong size? No worries; there are lots of things you can do with a coffee filter that has nothing to do with coffee!

1. Microwave cover: Covering your food when you put it in the microwave can prevent big messes, so cover it up with a spare coffee filter; it will catch any food and is disposable. No extra dishes to clean!

2. Strainer: Use your coffee filter as a strainer if you need your liquids very finely strained. It will get all of the solid pieces out of your broths and soups, or can help strain the liquid from homemade cheeses. A cheap substitute for cheesecloth!

3. Make Tea: You can use tea in a coffee maker just like you would coffee, or if you have some handy string laying around, you can even make your own teabags! Just tie off some loose tea into a coffee filter and drop in some hot water. Ahh.

4. No more moisture: If you are storing pans or silver that may rust or tarnish, store it with a coffee filter around or inside of it, to prevent moisture from damaging your stuff. Works great with cast iron skillets and pans.

5. Freshen the air: Make your own air freshener! Just tie some baking soda into a pouch made from a coffee filter to store in your shoes, your glove box, near a litter box, or in your fridge. Then breathe deep!

6. Window cleaning: If you run out of paper towels, or you are looking for a streak-free shine on your windows and mirrors with no lint, try a coffee filter with a little Windex. You may never go back to paper towels or rags again.

7. Serve it up: Serve up some snacks in a coffee filter as a make-shift, disposable bowl. Less dishes means less clean up for you!

8. In potted plants: Line the bottom of your potted plants with coffee filters. It will still allow the water to drain from the pot without losing any of the precious soil.

9. Sprout seeds: Little seedlings can be hard to care for, but growing them indoors in a little soil in a coffee filter will make it easier. It will keep the soil contained and your plant happy until planting time.

10. The Best Taco Holder: Tacos can be messy and drippy, but not if you wrap them in a coffee filter! Also works great for burritos. Now you can have your Mexican food on the go with less mess. Also works great for sandwiches, bagels, and hot dogs!

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  1. I use them in baking banana bread, zucchini breads, or almost everything you would use a loaf pan for. I line it with 2 side by side, pour in the batter. When done baking and cooling, take out bread. Eat as normal or freeze with liners still attach. Makes for easier clean-up or removal of baked goods.

  2. I hardly buy paper towels anymore. I have resorted to the old school way using newspaper and then cover that with a coffee filter since not sure if I trust the ink anymore. Also filters are a great replacement for cheesecloth if you are out and need to make your own seasoning pack to drop in soup, broths and stews. Just put your herbs in one and twist tie, drop in the pot. Love your site by the way. Just ran across it looking for a recipe….Really dying to make that Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Lasagna!

  3. In my card making classes we use these for lots of things like catching excess glitters and embossing powders to pour back in the container. Your ideas are so great I may go to the local dollar store to buy some! The microwave idea alone is worth it!

  4. where I work we use them for creative use. paint on them and use a fuzzystick in the midde on the small top and make an umberella. crafty for kids :)