10 Great Uses for Tennis Balls!

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10 New Uses for Tennis Balls!  (They are great for laundry!!)

10 Great Uses for Tennis Balls!

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Even if you don’t play tennis, it seems like every household has a few, spare tennis balls laying around. Don’t toss them; tennis balls have a surprising amount of household uses you may never have thought of.

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  1. Remove a broken lightbulb: While removing the broken stem of a light bulb from a fixture can be dangerous with your bare hand, a tennis ball with make quick, safe work of it. Clear away as much of the broken glass as you can, then take a tennis ball and press it into the stem. Turn it, and the stem should turn with the tennis ball, sliding it effortlessly out of the fixture.
  2. No more scuff: Erasing scuff marks on your floors can be a chore, but don’t worry. Using a tennis ball with make it effortless! With a box cutter, carefully cut an X into a tennis ball. Slip the cut edges onto the handle end of a broom or mop. Rub the tennis ball over the scuff marks, and they’ll be gone in no time!
  3. Alleviate typing soreness: If you get typing soreness from being in front of a computer all day, a tennis ball may be the cure. Starting at the wrist bone below your pinky, run your fingers down the length of your arm until about an inch above your elbow. This muscle is what causes your wrists and fingers to hurt after typing for a long time. Standing about a foot from the wall, place a tennis ball between that spot on your arm and the wall. Roll the ball around to massage the muscle. Do this only for about five minutes at a time, and say good bye to typing soreness!
  4. Drying your laundry faster: Toss two or three tennis balls into the dryer with your clothes. You’ll be amazed at how much faster your clothing dries! The tennis balls help to fluff your clothes and towels as they dry, making the drying process faster and cheaper!  Even better, I’m a Lazy Mom suggests wrapping them in foil to reduce static, brilliant!  Tennis balls in the dryer also help reduced lumps in your jackets & duvets.  Just a word of warning, tennis balls can be a bit noisy in the dryer.
  5. Dry erase markers: If your dry erase erasers have called it quits, don’t buy a new one; they can be upwards of five dollars at an office supply store! Instead, use a tennis ball. You can throw them away regularly and replace them without throwing away lots of money.
  6. Open a jar: Cutting a tennis ball in half and keep it in one of your kitchen drawers! Use the inside to grip and open jars that are stuck closed. The inside is super grippy and will help you to open any kind of stubborn jar in your kitchen.
  7. Car change jar: Cut a hole into the top of a tennis ball and drop in some quarters. The ball will fit perfectly inside of most cup holders in cars, allowing you to always have change for tolls or parking all collected together for easy access.
  8. Stress ball: Using tennis balls as stress balls are great for strengthening your wrists and the tendons in your arms. Squeeze a tennis ball for about five minutes a day while you’re at your desk or reading the paper, and you’ll have stronger hands in no time.
  9. Baby proofing: If you have sharp edges in your home and a toddler is coming to visit, you can babyproof your home in no time flat with a box of tennis balls and a box cutter.
  10. Dog Toy:  Cut a slit in a tennis ball and place a dog treat inside (to make it a little easier to get at you can cut an “X”).  This will keep your little fur baby busy!


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