10 Fun Rainy Day Ideas

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10 rainy day activities

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10 Fun Rainy Day Ideas!

Don’t get the rainy day blues! Who says a rainy day has to ruin your fun?

If you have fun rainy day ideas, leave them in the comments!!

Have a great time at home with:
  1. Glow Water! Highlighter ink and water are UV reactive, and glow like crazy under a black light! Your bathwater will glow without wrecking your shower or your kids (it’s all non-toxic), and with easy clean up!
  2. Read to them: Reading to your kids helps develop their communication skills, and is a great way to connect with them. Reading out loud, even if they are old enough to read for themselves, is a great family bonding experience!
  3. Indoor Treasure Hunting: Hide a dollar under the bed, in a vase, on the bookshelf. Then give the kids clues to where the treasures might be hidden!
  4. Have a Nerf Gun battle: Make sure to secure your lamps first!
  5. Play Word Games: Word association games can be fun, and funny! Stretch your child’s creativity and expand their vocabulary. You should play along too!
  6. A Hint of the Past: When was the last time you got out the photo albums, just to look? Tell the kids stories of why you were crying in the barber’s chair, or why Grandmom is laughing so hard!
  7. Build a fort: Grab your pillows and blankets! Movies and campfire stories are better in a fort.
  8. Baking: Find a recipe for cookies or brownies they can help bake and decorate.
  9. Host a tea or costume party: Your daughter is dying for another excuse to wear her princess dress from Halloween before it’s too small. Give her an excuse!
  10. Puddle jumping: Who says the rain has to keep you indoors? Set some towels right inside the door and go get wet!

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