10 Fun Crafty Ideas for Wine Corks!

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10 Crafty Uses for Wine Corks!  Guess that means we'd better open another bottle..

10 Fun Crafty Ideas for Wine Corks!

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Craft Ideas for Corks

Wine corks are fun, distinctive, easy to use craft materials.  You can make a ton of fun, interesting things with them.  So, next time you open up a bottle of wine don’t toss the cork in garbage, keep them in a bowl or decorative jar and when you’ve saved enough corks, here are some fun ideas to try!

1. Cork Stampers

Make stampers by cutting shapes into one side of corks.  The stampers themselves can be used for scrapbooking, stationery and more.  OR you can let your children make fun craft projects with them.

2. Cork Journaling

This is a fun way to remember special occasions and times spent with family and friends.  Every time you open a bottle of wine, write a little something on the cork and keep it in a big bowl.  Your collection will be filled with corks recording who you were with, what you were doing, what song you were listening to or anything else special about that particular time.

3. Cork board

Make your own cork board with an old frame and a bunch of saved corks.  It will be cheaper and much cuter than any store bought corkboard.

If you are using the frame, fit a piece of  wood or cardboard into the frame after removing the glass and  secure with a staple gun.  Starting in the upper left corner place two corks vertical, side by side. Don’t use the glue yet!! Place the next two corks next to the first two, but lay them horizontally. Repeat this pattern until all your backing is covered. If any of the corks are a little off, trim them with a utility knife.  Once all your corks fit snuggly and you are satisfied with the pattern glue them into place. Be sure to apply glue to all sides of the cork to ensure they stay in place. Volia! From wine drinker to crafter, just like that.

4. Cork Decorative Photos or Initials

On a piece of thick cardstock (can be purchased from any craft store), cardboard or wood, draw out or print an image, shape or an initial.  Using hot glue, attach the corks to create a unique piece of art.  The possibilities are endless, hearts, stars or even spell out your family’s last name!

More fun craft ideas to use up your wine corks!  Cheers!!

5. Cork Christmas ornaments

Corks can be painted, dressed, bedazzled or otherwise decorated to make cute, simple little ornaments.  This is a great craft idea for kids!  Allow the kids to glue sparkles, sprinkles and other fun themed items onto the cork.  Simply use a small  hook and thread a piece of holiday ribbon through the top.

6. Cork Trivet

Make a trivet from corks.  It will be durable, attractive and cheap.

7. Cork Serving Tray

Make a serving tray from cork.  It will be a cute, conversation piece and much less expensive than buying a serving tray at a retail store.

8. Cork Necklace

One cork or many corks can be used to make fun, easy necklaces.  You can leave the cork as it is or decorate it with markers, thread, paint and more.  You can bead them together by poking holes through the middle or create cork pendants with as single cork.

9. Cork wreath

Create a wreath with corks.  You will have to collect a lot of them but you can make a really unique wreath with your collection of corks.  Simply use a wire hanger shaped into a circle (or any wreath shape will work!).  Using a hot glue gun, glue corks to the wreath.  Finally, decorate your wreath for any theme by adding bows, ribbons or other details.

10. Cork art

Mount your corks to a canvas or board and create art.  You can make it abstract, geometric or more realistic depending on your mood, skills and interests.  The fun is in the creating.

11. Cork Garden Markers

Create markers for your garden by inserting a wooden stick or metal rod into the end of a cork, labeling your herbs, vegetables, etc. and then sticking them into the ground.  Super, super cute!

The list goes on… get creative and have fun!!!

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