Clever New Uses for your Microwave!

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creative ways to use your microwave

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Your microwave sits in the corner of your kitchen counter. It may reheat food on occasion, but mostly it just seems to collect dust and get dirty. Here are some great uses for your microwave you may not have thought of!  Microwaves can vary greatly in power… these times are approximate and you will have to adjust them for your own microwave!

  1. Make jelly. Making jams and preserves is a long, arduous process, unless you do it in the microwave! Add about 1 ½ cups of fruit juice and/or mashed up fruit to two tablespoons of lemon juice and pop it in the microwave. After five minutes, mix it with 1 ¾ cup of sugar. Cook for a minute. Tada! Once it cools, you have instant jelly! Sterilize the mason jars and boil them like normal to store it.
  2. Potato chips. Microwaves can be used to dehydrate veggies to make fantastic, no fry potato chips. Slice the potato super thin, place them on a perforated rack (don’t let them touch each other). Cook in three minute intervals, the first at 50% power, then 40%, then 30%. Let them set for five minutes and sprinkle with sea salt! Yum!
  3. Sanitize your kitchen sponges. Bacteria can’t survive long in the microwave! Sticking a wet sponge in the microwave on high for about 10 seconds will rid it of any microbes that are making a home there. Make sure the sponge is damp, but not dripping wet, and be super careful taking it out of the microwave. It will be hot!  (Dry sponges can catch fire!)
  4. Soften Brown Sugar and Honey. Got an unusable block of brown sugar? Warming it in the microwave with a wet paper towel will make it usable again. This trick also works on crystallized honey! It only needs about 45 seconds.
  5. Quickie Dessert for One.  Pop a few simple ingredients into a mug and zap it for a quickie way to curb your craving!  (Like our Nutella microwave cake!)
  6. Warm up your beauty products. Heat up a face mask or hot oil treatment for a few seconds to make it an extra luxurious treat!
  7. Roasting Garlic.  Crop of the top of a garlic head, lightly drizzle it with a couple tablespoons of olive oil.  Add a couple tablespoons of water, cover it and pop it in the microwave for 7 minutes at 50% power.  Sure beats 45 minutes in the oven for some sweet buttery roasted garlic!
  8. Get More Juice.  Pop your lemons, limes and oranges in the microwave for 20 seconds before juicing and you’ll increase your yield by about 35%!
  9. Lash Love.  If your mascara is dry, pop it in (lid off) for 15 – 20 seconds (with a cup of warm water next to it)… check it and do it longer if needed!  Make sure it’s not hot before you use it!
  10. Herb Saver.  Not going to get to that fresh oregano before it goes bad?  Put it on a paper towel and dry it out in the microwave for 40 seconds (you can do it longer if needed depending on the herb).  Good for a year now!

Microwaves were created to make your life easier; don’t be afraid to experiment with it!
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