How to Dye Eggs With Whipped Cream (A safer alternative to Shaving Cream Eggs)

How to Dye Eggs With Whipped Cream & Food Coloring

How to dye Eggs With Whipped Cream (Not shaving cream!)  #Easter

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Inspired by a similar recipe which uses shaving cream as a medium for awesome tye-dyed eggs!  The idea of soaking our food in shaving cream.. just didn’t sit well with me.

Consider this fact (here comes my geeky-ness of my biology background):

An egg shell is a semi-permiable membrane meaning that although it contains the egg, things can (and do) pass through the shell into the egg.  An egg shell can allow particles such as carbon dioxide and oxygen to pass through.. and I’d guess bits of shaving cream ingredients too!

Now, if you look at the ingredients in a can of shaving cream…  I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t eat most of it!  This recipe was created as a safer, tastier alternative!

These produce very cool pastel colored eggs with unique swirls and patterns.  The coloring is not vibrant once the whipped cream is rinsed off.

Whipped Cream Dyed Eggs


  • 1 large can or large tub of extra-creamy whipped cream or whipped topping such as Cool Whip
  • GEL food coloring (or liquid)  Gel works better and makes a brighter egg
  • Desired amount of hard boiled eggs to dye
  • Vinegar (Important.  See below)

Whipped Cream Dyed Eggs


  1. Spray or spread the whipped cream or whipped topping in a large baking dish or baking pan with sides.
  2. Add food coloring
    1. If using liquid coloring, mix food coloring with a couple of drops of vinegar.  Drip food coloring liberally over the whipped cream, keeping a space of about 1 inch between drops.
    2. If using gel coloring, mix a little bit of gel coloring with a few drops of vinegar.  Drip food coloring liberally over the whipped cream, keeping space between drops.  Swirl slightly with a toothpick swirl bits of gel throughout the whipped cream.
  3. Use a spoon to swirl the colors around the whipped cream. Don’t mix it up too much, you want dramatic swirls of color!
  4. Pour vinegar into a bowl.  Submerge eggs in vinegar for about 2 minutes.  Remove from vinegar and dry with a paper towel.
  5. Roll your eggs in the colored cream, using the end of the spoon to nudge them. One complete roll is best, that way the colors don’t get muddy.
  6. Let your eggs sit for at least 10 minutes, letting the food coloring do its magic. The longer you let them sit, the brighter your dyed eggs will be. Half an hour would probably be the longest they should sit for food safety!
  7. Gently wipe your eggs clean with a paper or cloth towel or rinse them quickly under cool water.
  8. Paper towel or toilet paper rolls cut into 1 inch rounds work perfectly as holders for your beautiful eggs after they’ve been dyed, during proud photo ops, and before they get eaten or put away! :)

Note:  A couple of things to note about this method!  The longer you leave the eggs, the darker the color.  This method of dying eggs does produces a more pastel color.  (However, using gel color does produce a darker color!)  Some of the color will seep through onto the egg white (which is why I used whipped cream instead of shaving cream!).

Inspired by this photo with a change of ingredients!!
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  1. says

    Don’t bother doing this – what a big mess, and a big waste of whipped cream! They don’t come out looking nearly as nice as the pictures above.

    • says

      Oh no, I’m sorry these didn’t work well for you!! I’ve done them 2 years in a row and they were great both times! Did you dip the eggs in vinegar (it definitely makes a difference as you can see in the photos)? What type of coloring did you use? How long did you let them sit?

  2. says

    Thanks so much for this idea! I literally stumbled upon it when my husband was in the store to buy shaving cream and I was waiting in the car! I quickly called him and told him to buy whipped cream instead. I also did not like the idea of using shaving cream on eggs we wanted to eat. We did this today and not only did we have lots of fun, but they turned out beautifully! I posted about it on my blog tonight I linked back to you. Thanks again!

    • says

      Oohh!! Your eggs look beautiful… I hadn’t thought of putting gloves on the kids, what a fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

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