Score $5 for signing up for Inbox Dollars!


Right now you will instantly get $5 just for signing up for your FREE Inbox Dollars account. Inbox Dollars is one of the ways I pay virtually NOTHING for my holiday shopping! I just do the simple tasks throughout the year, and about a month before the holidays cash out!

Inbox Dollars is a great rewards program that pays you actual cash for doing simple tasks like:

  • Reading Emails
  • Playing Games
  • Taking Surveys
  • Participating in Offers

Anytime I am thinking about doing something for my family, like joining Netflix, buying something online, or even looking for magazine subscriptions, I check Inbox Dollars FIRST to see if I can earn some cash back for doing things I was already going to do! Sounds like a win/win situation right?

Right now you can sign up for your free Inbox Dollars account, and you will get $5 right off the bat!

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  1. Susan Johnson says

    I’m glad to hear that this site really does pay out for the tasks you complete. I’m signing up today!

  2. Rachael H. says

    This sounds great! I love these cash back rewards programs. There are a lot of good ones to choose. I haven’t tried Inbox Dollars yet though, I’ll have to check it out!

  3. Margie Blake says

    I am impressed to hear this site does pay for your tasks. I like taking surveys and giving an opinion but many just take time and I have never recieived any compensation. This is a much better tried and true deal; thank you!

  4. Mikki Cross says

    I cashed in for $20 on Inbox…Heard from them a few more times and then they stopped emailing me. hmmm..Did they go off the grid for a bit then come back ?

  5. Carol Smith says

    I have been doing InBox Dollars for a couple years now and love it. One of the easiest ways of earning extra cash and a site that offers a wide variety of ways of earning it. Unlike other sites that I have joined that take forever to build up a checkout point, InBox Dollars is #1 in my book!

  6. Rich Hicks says

    I signed up with them some time ago. Easy way to make a little money effortlessly!
    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  7. says

    This sounds great, I will need to check this out when I have more time. There is so many of these that I get confused with what I am doing for what. Thanks for sharing.

  8. michelle warner says

    inbox dollars is awsome, i make about 30 dollars every three months from them just for clicking on emails, it great thanks

  9. Mary Mudd says

    Ive heard of this, but didnt know if it was legit. Thank you for sharing this, I will have to check into this more.

  10. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I’ve been using Inbox Dollars for about 9 months now. It’s really great to be able to make a little extra cash and know the site is trustworthy. I’m up to about $22.00 :)

  11. says

    I’ve participated in InBox Dollars in the past, but right now I’m way too busy with being a full-time college student, wife & mom. I just recently canceled my account just because of time constraints! It’s a neat program though!

  12. michelle gilliland mcafee says

    I hadn’t heard of this site, sounds like a great way to make a little extra money. Glad it’s legit. Thanks for sharing.

  13. krista grandstaff says

    This is a fantastic idea…and I need to get my mind set into it! I can never remember to use my ebates so I out a sticky on my monitor…lol.and it worked… maybe that would work for this too! :) Thanks for sharing!

  14. joanne gentry says

    I love to read these kind of reviews from people who really do use the products/sites. Many times, you really don’t know how reliable or how trustworthy the site is, but I am going to check this out now. Thank you!!

  15. Karen Hand says

    This sounds like a great program. I belong to other programs similar to this, but it takes forever to build up any cash. I’m going to check into this more thoroughly.

  16. Emma H says

    Inbox dollars got harder for me to make points with and wasn’t on in awhile and they closed my account. I am debating whether or not to resign up with them.

  17. Brenda Burgess says

    I signed up for inbox dollars once, I earned a couple of dollars, but I need to complete more surveys to increase my dolars.

  18. Kathleen Manthey says

    I do not belong to InBox Dollars, however I do belong to another site that does the same thing. Can a person sign up for more than one and get the same benefits?

  19. Joyce Raymond says

    I have been an Inbox person for at least 5 yr. If you put a little time and energy into it you will make money.

  20. says

    Inbox Dollars is a pretty good site to earn money on for doing pretty much nothing. You can do surveys and other activities to earn money or you can just click on emails to earn a few pennies here and there but it adds up after awhile.

  21. Lanie says

    Ive been a member of inbox dollars for a long while now.. thank you for sharing. I still have not redeemed anything or received rewards though.

  22. cole mckinnon says

    Love your site here and the one on FB. Have been a fan for a long time. Raising 4 kids AND A HUBBY, LOL. Wow. You go woman!

  23. Sandy McFadden says

    I joined INBOX dollars awhile ago the problem is I just have so many other sites I work with I don’t to get to process theirs but will make an extra effort this year to do better

  24. Shelly Johnson says

    I am always so afraid to try these type of sites because of spam and fraud. I see them a lot. This one does sound pretty simple, almost too good to be true. Maybe one day I will get up the courage to try it :)

  25. Peggy says

    I’ve belonged to inbox dollars and they have sent me emails ect I responded but I haven’t received anything from them in a long time!

  26. Valarie Lee Gentry says

    I am a member of Inbox Dollars and I am always taking surveys & playing games on there when I have a chance. Have fun and make money! How easy!

  27. brandi hawn says

    i love inbox dollars. i have been a member for several years now and i make about 40 a month by taking their surveys and completing offers and reading emails :)

  28. Lyndi Malarchuk says

    I was wondering about Inbox Dollars… I kept getting activation emails from them, but they weren’t addressed to my name, so I assumed it was spam. I guess I’ll have to look into it!

  29. Chevy Reid Roper says

    I absolutely love Inbox Dollars. I have been a member for a long time now and have cashed out numerous times. This is a very legit company and well worth the time. One of the few sites that actually do follow through with payment when requested.

  30. JJ Caraway says

    I have heard the name Inbox Dollars but never knew what is was all about. Sounds like a great way to help me get mu grandchildren Christmas bought.

  31. Kristina Gjertsen says

    It’s really great to hear from other people that have really tried this and to know for sure that it’s a legitimate program. I’m definitely going to try this!

  32. Becky Kuntz says

    Sounds interesting, but does it really pay? I’ve signed up for some sites and they give you piddly points and never really give anything good. If it’s as good as you say maybe I will try it out, what do I have to lose? Thanks for the info!

  33. Christina Sunday says

    I dont think that i have ever heard of this site . It sounds really awesome from what i have read in your review ! I Will have to check it out and start earning some extra cash ! Thanks for the review!

  34. Michelle dement says

    This would be an awesome program to be a part of….a little extra money would be great to help me contribute a little and continue being a stay at home mom

  35. Mikki Cross says

    I joined inbox dollars awhile ago.I did manage to get $20 from them. However, I recieved emails from them for a month more and then they just stopped sending them. I thought they had closed up shop. I will have to look into this.Thanks

  36. Susan S., TN says

    I am already a member and use to get on the site all the time, but now so busy i don’t. They seem to be a good place to take surveys and earn a lil xtra money..

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