No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal

No Cook Overnight Oatmeal

no cook oatmeal

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When I saw these over at The Yummy Life (which you’ll definitely want to check out) I knew I had to make them!  Now I make these often, mostly so that my daughter who has moved out comes home to pick up her supply and visit me!  Being a University student, these are a great breakfast that she can just grab and go…

While the Oatmeal Parfaits in the photo are in glass mason jars which I just stack in the fridge.  I purchase plastic containers for the “on the go” Oatmeals… I find the 1 cup jars too small, and the 2 cup container to be a little big… still looking for the perfect 1.5 cup container (why do I feel like Goldilocks here?).

This is an amazingly delicious, healthy and filling breakfast!  Chia seeds are little nutritional powerhouses and are a great addition.  While they seem to be a little pricey, a tiny bit goes a very long way!

You can use any combination of frozen fruit and yogurt flavors to create endless possibilities! Don’t be afraid to play with the flavors including different yogurt and fruit combinations (I often use peach yogurt and frozen mangoes).

You can also add in tons of other goodies like:

  • chopped nuts
  • coconut
  • raisins
  • chocolate chips
  • Nutella and more!

You can adjust the level of any of the ingredients in this recipe depending how thick you like your oatmeal to be!

No-Cook Overnight Oatmeal
  • 1 Cup Large Flake Oats (or any oats that are not quick-cooking)
  • 1 Large Container of Yogurt (2 cups) (any flavour)
  • 3 Tablespoons Chia seeds
  • 1 Cup Milk
  • 2 Cups Frozen Fruit (berries, mangoes, peaches etc.)
  1. In a large bowl, combine oats, chia seeds, yogurt and milk
  2. Place ⅓ Cup of yogurt mixture into a mason jar (or container)
  3. Add ¼ cup frozen fruit (or to taste)
  4. Repeat layers ending with yogurt
  5. Seal and refrigerate overnight
  6. Will keep about 4 days in the fridge

This recipe was inspired by The Yummy Life who also has some amazing fruit combinations so be sure to check her version out!


  • In a large bowl, combine oats, chia seeds, yogurt and milk
  • Place 1/3 cup of yogurt mixture into a mason jar (or container)
  • Add ¼ cup frozen fruit
  • Repeat layers ending with yogurt
  • Seal and refrigerate overnight
  • Will keep about 4 days in the fridge
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  1. says

    Oh my goodness! This looks wonderful. Thanks for linking it up to my Monday Menu Plan last week. I’m featuring the recipe this week on my blog! Stop over Monday and see your feature and link up more tasty recipes!


  2. says

    Found you on the On the Menu Monday link up … an interesting concept & I’m probably going to try it tonight. Sans the chia, though. Chia’s not really hit the shelves here in the UK. In fact, it hasn’t been approved for consumption outside of baked anywhere in Europe yet. They were talking about approving it last year but I’ve not heard any follow up on it, yet. Oh well, I’m interested in giving this a go anyway! Stop by my blog, Anyonita Nibbles sometime!

  3. Kate says

    Do you think this would work with steel cut oats?? I love them but hate cooking them in the morning! This would be a great solution for me :)

    • says

      I think the steel cut oats would be too crunchy still but that being said, I haven’t tried it! If you do try it, I would maybe soak them overnight one night and then make the overnight oatmeals the next day to sit overnight again. (Does that make sense? lol)

    • Dawnia says

      We love steel cut oats too and they are a hassle to fix. I make a huge pot of them, put the cooked oats in individual serving sized containers and pop them in the freezer. A tiny bit of water and a couple of minutes in the microwave and it’s good to go. I have to admit that I stole this idea after seeing them in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s

  4. Leah says

    I’m wondering, is there a reason the quick cooking oats wouldn’t work?
    We have some on hand and we’re so anxious to try this :)

      • Leah says

        Everyone loved it. The only issue was the texture (it was pretty runny) and I assume that was from using quick oats. I’ll have to get some real oats for the next batch. For the remaining servings we just added more oats to thicken it up. We also used flax seed because that was what we had on hand.
        My other interesting tweak was for my 11 year old son who recently discovered he was lactose intolerant, and was heartbroken that he couldn’t have these. So I researched and discovered kefir, which is 99% lactose free and the probiotics in it actually help the body digest the remaining one percent. So I made him a batch with kefir and vanilla soy milk. So far it seems to be sitting well with him. :)

  5. Cinnamon says

    I’m going to make these with my daughter. I don’t have chia, but I have plenty of flax, so I’ll try it out. I think our whole family will love this!

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