*UPDATED* Better than FREE Fijit Friends Newbie with New High Value $10/1 Coupon!

Right now you can snag a rare high value coupon for $10.00 off any one Original FIJIT FRIENDS Figure!  Print it right away because it won’t last long!!

**UPDATE**   The Fijit Newbie may not be considered “Original”.  However, one reader commented below that they did use it on a Fijit that was priced at $15 and they only had to pay $5.

I am still looking for information as to what is “Original” as none of the packaging says original…

Sorry, I try to post only the most accurate information but every once in a while one gets by me!

You can still print the coupon and it is still valid.  I am not sure which Fijit it can be used on.  Once I get more information, I will let you guys know!

$10.00 off any one Original FIJIT FRIENDS Figure

Hurry over to Walmart where you can get it for FREE plus a $1.03 overage!


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  1. Brooke Westmoreland says

    Ive never heard of this thing but it’s an awesome deal! I’m going to have to go to my desktop computer and see if it’s. Available

  2. Kiki Bacaro says

    I just printed this coupon! Thanks for all the good deals you find for us; I honestly dont know how I would be able to find all these coupons on my own with my time constraints. I appreciate all you do for us! (My grandkids appreciate it too:)

  3. Amanda says

    I went to my walmart as soon as I printed the coupon (BTW, you can only print 2) and they were still their regular price of $15. I was really disappointed, but I still got one for my nephew for Christmas for $5. Just as a heads up, not all walmarts have them on sale for $8.97.

  4. Emily Tabor says

    The stores will not get reimbursed for this coupon. The coupon is for an original fijit friend not a fijit friend newbies.

    • says

      Thank you! I am further investigating after seeing your comment. This coupon does say Fijit Originals which may not include the newbies….

      I apologize and have updated the blog post. I will keep you posted!

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