*HOT* Back to School Bundle Flash Giveaway!! Tonight only!

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Choose from 1 of 23 AMAZING back to school Bundles!  Winner’s Choice!


Prize: Winner’s Choice of 1 of 23 Amazing Back to School bundles! (view here)


Event Date: 8/14

Time 7:00 PM – 11:59 PM EST


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MAKE SURE YOU LEAVE A COMMENT AND THE NAME OF THE BLOG YOU ARE ENTERING FROM FOR ALL YOUR ENTRIES TO COUNT Please Note: Winner Will Be Announced on the Rafflecopter of This Post by 11:59 AM on 8/15 Click Here –> To See How To Claim Your Prize If you are selected as the WINNER and you have not left a blog comment, you CANNOT collect your prize!  Here are SOME of the options you can choose from… find more options here!!  Let me know which one you would like to have!  GOOD LUCK!!

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  1. Krystie Marcum says

    would so love to have this! I have four kids and could use it so much…..not to mention I am a student again too!

  2. Jan says

    I’m entering from Spend with Pennies and would love to win #3 for my niece (even tho it says Teacher’s Pack lol, she can use the supplies included,) Thank you!

  3. joanna ovalle says

    I got this post from spend with pennies I would like to win any bundle I am not picky something is better than nothing

  4. Brenda Stone says

    I would like to win any of these bundles to possibly help a needy child in the school in which I work.

  5. Rebecca says

    1 or 23…or Any :) Stay at home mom/Student with one daughter entering Kindergarten!! Anything would be a huge help for us students!

  6. Sharon H. says

    Yes! I’d love to win a bundle …I have no kids that would need it, but I DO know groups that would gladly pass it on to someone that can’t afford them on their own – thanks!

  7. Kathleen Jones says

    I would love to win bundle #3 this would be a great help in teaching my 2 daughters… Thanks for the chance…

  8. Nichole Seni says

    I would love to win bundle number 23. My son already has all of his back to school stuff but this would be great for him and my other little one to share at home!

  9. Nichole Seni says

    I would love to win bundle 23 it is the last picture. This would be great for my son and my daughter to share at home along with the little girl that I babysit. I am entering from Spend With Pennies. <3

  10. Melli LoP says

    Hi! I would love to win, the teacher pack, bundle #3! I am working towards becoming an elementary school teacher and it would be completely amazing to start with a bundle of that nature. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Have a wonderful night. :)

  11. says

    I saw this on Spend with pennies and I would love to win number 3 for my daughter who began student teaching today…I would really take any bundle thought.

  12. Heather Gelabert says

    I have a prek and first grader, so I would go for either 1 pr 2, but if forced to pick one, 2. Thanks holly.

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