why every couple needs a date night

Why every couple needs a date night and 26 Frugal Date Ideas!

why every couple needs a date night

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Why Are Date Nights So Important?

Between work, the dishes, the kids, the bills and trying to get enough sleep at night, you can fall into a pattern, ignoring “extraneous” things, like date nights and long out-of-town vacations. Who has the time and money for that in this economy anyway?

But a date night is more important that you may think….

“Date night is one of the best ways couples have to pull back from the fray and remember there’s an ‘us’ hidden in the swirl of their daily lives — and really focus on maintaining and celebrating their connection to each other,” -Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., a sociology professor at the University of Washington in Seattle.

It reinforces your connection and reminds you why you are together in the first place.  Happy couples produce happy well rounded families….  so enjoy one another!

Date Night Tips

Make the Time: The need to reconnect and get away from it all is important to you and your partner’s mental health. When the parents have a date night, they have a relaxing evening out, away from the kids. But it also works in reverse: the kids get a mini vacation from you as well! So when everyone’s back together, everyone is more relaxed and happier to see each other.

Make it Easy: Have a babysitter on a scheduled night, at least twice a month, if you can. If the day is already planned, the sitter is already ready to come over, all that’s left is to find something to do. No extra stress!  Or swap kids with a friend.. fun for the kids and easier on the pocket book!

Make it Fit: If just getting a sitter cleaned out your play money, find something cheap or free to do, like walking in the park, or getting a cheap dinner. Anything different than the daily grind is better than nothing. The important part is that you are alone together, or out with another couple that you both get along with.

Make it Stick: It’s easy to let life get in the way of your scheduled date night, but don’t let anything stop you! Nothing is more important than your relationship with your partner (and your kids!), and nothing short of an emergency should get in the way of your nights out together.

Frugal Date Night Ideas


It’s date night with your spouse. The kids are all settled on the couch, and the babysitter is telling you to “go have fun.” You have enough money in your purse to pay her tonight, but little left for your actual date. What to do?


Have fun for free!

Think having a free date night is impossible? Not at all! You can pack a dinner and head out to these fun, free places.

  1. Take a walk through the park. Take pictures, or just turn your electronics off and enjoy chatting.
  2. Have a picnic.  Dinner out doesn’t always have to be a fancy restaruant…  if it’s winter, have an indoor picnic.
  3. Visit a museum with no cover charge. Almost every city has museums that have no charge portions. Check out freemuseumday.org if you live in a big city.
  4. Window shop downtown. The open air and the walk might do you both some good!
  5. Play a board game.  A little competition is fun and it’s a great way to unplug from the electronic world we live in.
  6. Stargaze. Grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head to the backyard and relax, or go the scientific route and get a free smartphone app to chart the stars.
  7. Have a date night in!  Send the kids to the grandparents or swap babysitting nights with a neighbor.
  8. Go on a bike ride. This is especially fun if you have scenic views near your house!
  9. Volunteer at a local food bank or senior center.  It’s a great feeling to give back.
  10. Head to the library!  This is a great place to get free movie rentals or music to sit and chat to!  Grab a couple of books and some nice music.  Turn the TV off and curl up and read together.
  11. Play a card game you’ve never played before.  Here’s a big list of card games for 2 players!
  12. 20 Questions…  you might be surprised what you can learn!  Get creative and get the conversation going!

Have a little cash?

These will give you both an evening of fun for less than $20 bucks.

  1. Use coupons… check your neighborhood flyers or look for a 2 for 1 pasta night at a local eatery.
  2. Play mini-golf or go to an arcade. Act like a kid again!
  3. Street fairs and street art galleries. With great food and lots of stalls, you can have a good time and spend very little!
  4. Go to a coffee shop and bring a board game, a crossword puzzle to do together or a deck of cards.
  5. Have a fondue.
  6. Go swimming without the kids. Swimming is much more fun and relaxing without worrying about the little ones!
  7. Go to the driving range or batting cages, roller skating or bowling. If you have any coordination at all, athletic dates can be a lot of fun.
  8. Try amatuer comedy nights or inexpensive plays and shows. These can be hit or miss, but even a “miss” show can still be a fun night out.
  9. Take a historic tour. Most cities have some kind of historical buildings or areas you can explore.
  10. Have dinner at a local culinary school…  the price is lower and the food is usually fantastic.
  11. Eat like a kid.  Go for a hot dog and an ice cream cone!
  12. Visit a local farm and pick your own fresh fruit or veggies… spend some time together creating a special dish.
  13. Create your own beer or wine tasting complete with homemade snacks.  Try some new ones you’ve never had!  This is fun for a double date too!
  14. Go on a drive to a scenic area. Spending time in nature is a great way to relax, release some serotonin and get some vitamin D!

There are plenty of possibilities for great date nights, even on a tight budget. The most important thing is that you are spending time together as a couple!

why every couple needs a date night


Sources: http://www.4tunate.net/2013/07/30-cheap-date-ideas-for-married-couples/ 
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10 rainy day activities

10 Fun Rainy Day Ideas

10 rainy day activities

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10 Fun Rainy Day Ideas!

Don’t get the rainy day blues! Who says a rainy day has to ruin your fun?

If you have fun rainy day ideas, leave them in the comments!!

Have a great time at home with:
  1. Glow Water! Highlighter ink and water are UV reactive, and glow like crazy under a black light! Your bathwater will glow without wrecking your shower or your kids (it’s all non-toxic), and with easy clean up!
  2. Read to them: Reading to your kids helps develop their communication skills, and is a great way to connect with them. Reading out loud, even if they are old enough to read for themselves, is a great family bonding experience!
  3. Indoor Treasure Hunting: Hide a dollar under the bed, in a vase, on the bookshelf. Then give the kids clues to where the treasures might be hidden!
  4. Have a Nerf Gun battle: Make sure to secure your lamps first!
  5. Play Word Games: Word association games can be fun, and funny! Stretch your child’s creativity and expand their vocabulary. You should play along too!
  6. A Hint of the Past: When was the last time you got out the photo albums, just to look? Tell the kids stories of why you were crying in the barber’s chair, or why Grandmom is laughing so hard!
  7. Build a fort: Grab your pillows and blankets! Movies and campfire stories are better in a fort.
  8. Baking: Find a recipe for cookies or brownies they can help bake and decorate.
  9. Host a tea or costume party: Your daughter is dying for another excuse to wear her princess dress from Halloween before it’s too small. Give her an excuse!
  10. Puddle jumping: Who says the rain has to keep you indoors? Set some towels right inside the door and go get wet!

Other Sources:

  • http://www.rif.org/us/literacy-resources/articles/reading-with-your-child.htm
  • http://www.realsimple.com/health/mind-mood/fun-things-to-do-rainy-day-00000000056092/index.html
  • http://kidshealth.org/parent/growth/learning/rainy_day.html
  • http://innerchildfun.com/2012/05/50-inspiring-ideas-for-rainy-day-fun-with-your-kids.html
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Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.38.10 PM

How much cheese do we eat?

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 9.38.10 PM

So… how much cheese do you think the average American eats in a year?  A WHOLE year!

Personally I absolutely LOVE cheese so it’s not hard for me to see this number being realistic… think of all of the amazing things we put cheese on!  Pizza, cheeseburgers, crackers and my beloved Mac & Cheese just to name a few!

How close was your guess?  The average American eats….  ready for this…  scroll down to find the answer!





31.4 Pounds of cheese/year!

Yum!  According to an article I read on  TheWeek.com there is a LOT of cheese consumed every year (why wouldn’t you?  Yum?).  I just thought this was so interesting!!

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Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 9.36.24 PM

Birthday Request

Ok, I know I posted earlier about the “Birthday Kindness Experiment” because my youngest will be 9 this weekend.

Well, I got a very special request for this weekend… it included… breakfast in bed at 8:00am SHARP (love that part).

Because all my other kiddos are grown, I truly cherish these moments… and notes 😉  Had to share!  Love it!

Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 9.36.24 PM

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Play TV Trivia! Let us know how do you!

Talk about win-win!  Click the photo above to play some fun trivia games about current TV shows!  Let us know what questions you got!

I played the Modern Family game and I got 75% right!  I thought I’d do better but the questions were tricky!  Give it a try and let us know how you do!

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Western Style Birthday Invitations!

western card 1

Love these?  Pin it!

My Daughter is turning 9…  and loves horses!  We were lucky enough to win a horse riding party for 6 for her at a silent auction.  I tried to find “horse” invites and came up with nothing!  So we decided to create our own.

I had this paper already from a previous project that I had done at a class.  I actually didn’t like the paper so the project was in my drawer 3/4 completed.  I took the project apart and used the paper to create these western cards!  I love how they turned out.

I cut out the boots & words on my Cricut.  The rope was just inexpensive twine from Walmart and glued with a glue gun.  Really, they are pretty simple!

Of course 1/2 way in I was wondering why 9 year olds needed fancy invites but I love crafting and haven’t done it forever.  So here they are.  Love them!

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!!

single 6pc photo

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no cook playdough

Easy No Cook Playdough Recipe

Don’t forget to Pin this so it’s easy to find when you’re ready to make it!

no cook play dough photo

I have 4 kids, the oldest is now 20… As you can imagine, I have made a TON of Playdough in my day!  After trial and error and blending many recipes, this is my favorite concoction!  I sometimes add a little peppermint extract, it smells great!

The best part… No cooking required!

Love it? Pin it!

no cook play dough updated

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soda stream

Love my new Soda Stream!!

soda stream

Super excited about this gift, so I had to share!!  We thought this was an awesome gift when we opened it… but now that we’ve had a chance to use it, we LOVE it!

We’ve tried adding some fresh flavors like lemon and lime.. and just this afternoon we went and got some actual Sodastream flavors.  Can’t wait to play with it some more!!  If you have a Sodastream, what’s your favorite thing to make?

If you’ve been thinking about a Sodastream…  I vote yes.  :)



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Pay it Forward….


A little pay it forward story….

This morning my daughter forgot her textbook so I hopped in the car and ran it to her school.

It was a chilly morning so on my way home I decided to pop by Starbucks for a latte to warm me up. When I got to the window, the cashier told me the lady in front of me had bought my coffee for me and told me to have a great day… WOW, this was a complete stranger!  Even better, the cashier told me she was amazed because it was the THIRD time this had happened this morning.

I was warmed up from the inside… but it had nothing to do with my coffee. There was nobody behind me to “pay it forward” to.

The best part is, such a simple gesture and I’ve spent the morning feeling so elated.  It wasn’t the free coffee, it was the fact that someone had kindness in their heart and wanted to share it with me, a stranger.

It just was a reminder that there are good people out there.  I promised the cashier that I would pay it forward… and I will.

I’ve spent a good part of today thinking of different ways to bring a little bit of happiness to a stranger’s day.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Really, people can be beautiful.  So a special thank you to the lady at Starbucks in the gray SUV.  I don’t know who you are but you made my day and when I pay it forward, you will make someone else’s too.

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30 Free Swagbucks: It’s Mega Swagbucks Friday


Happy Mega Swagbucks Friday! What is that? It’s when Swagbucks members can earn double the normal Swagbucks on their searches! All I did here was search for Halloween crafts, and I got 10 Swagbucks (amounts awarded may vary).


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